Many people living outside of the Polish borders, being aware of their origin, take a decision to apply for Polish citizenship. Most of them have heard about Poland solely from the family stories as they were born outside
of the country. Despite the fact that the ties with Poland are often broken, all is not lost. Applying for Polish passport could be the first step to regain the Polish identity. Our intention is to show how beneficial it is to own Polish citizenship certificate.

In 2008 the economic crisis impaired many European countries. Poland was the one that avoided the unfortunate results still apparent in the international market. Due to the fact that Polish GDP has been steadily growing, the entrepreneurs have plenty of space to implement their innovative ideas.
Poland is famous from its hospitality and domesticity. Fondness of tradition and observing customs have remained a significant element of the Polish culture. Poles traditionally enjoy a weekly Sunday dinner together
with the whole family. If you feel like slowing down and learning how to enjoy your life fully – come to Poland. Besides the family and domestic atmosphere you will get familiar with the varied and delicious Polish cuisine. After all, everybody knows “pierogi” and “bigos”- the dishes that won hearts of gourmands all over the world. Production of Polish, village chesses have gained a popularity, keeping up with the best French and Italian products. Poland
is the number one exporter of apples, which is slowly developing into a well-known producer of ciders. We don’t have to mention famous Polish alcohols recognizable in the global market.

Polish culture consists not only of cuisine, tradition or entrepreneurship. Our art is not without a reason known and awarded at the international festivals. The latest, remarkable Polish film “Ida” directed by Paweł Pawlikowski achieved a success winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in February 2015. Moreover paintings
and photographyof Polish artists are displayed in the best known art galleries in the world. Among recognizable artist we can distinguish: Jan Kaleta, Krystian Lupa, Krzysztof Warlikowski. The reviving of Jewish culture supported by JCC’s activity led to creation of one of the most interesting museums of Jewish history and culture – “POLIN”. Moreover, every summer the annual Jewish Culture Festival organized in Cracow unites people from
all over the world in a joint celebration.
Poland is a country of development and possibilities. Breathtaking nature: Tatra Mountains, Baltic Sea, flowery meadows or traceless forests will help you to reunite with a homeland of your ancestors. We are waiting for you with the arms wide open. Apply for Polish citizenship!