Genealogy and search for inheritors

LexPolonia assists on searching for the inheritors as well as for information and documents concerning ancestors in Poland

We are the one among a few legal offices in Poland, which cooperate with genealogy specialists providing professional ancestry research. Our services are available both in Poland and abroad. Currently numerous databases and archived documents can be easily accessed via the Internet.

What the ancestry research is for?

For our foreign clients (courts, estate administrators, families) we search for the people entitled to the inheritance abroad.
We look for the documents revealing a kinship between the testator and the heir. We provide access to acts of civil status (certificates of marriage, birht or death certificates) needed in the foreign procedures.

We assist on searching for the people who lost contact with their families due to emigration.

How do we do?

  • For the co-owners or the administrators of the estates: we provide help with finding the legal owners or their inheritors entitled to the property
  • For those who have been adopted: we help to find the information on their biological parents
  • For people applying for Polish citizenship: we help to get access to the documents on the Polish citizenship of their ancestors

Why are we needed?

In 2002 Polish consulates stopped offering legal assistance for searching for inheritors and leading the inheritance proceedings of Poles deceased abroad.

Millions of people born abroad have a great chance to obtain the Polish citizenship certification.

Both cases require documents confirming relationship between the heir and the testator or between the applicant and the ancestor of Polish origin.

LexPolonia contacted you. What does it mean?

You might be a person entitled to inheritance or compensation for illegally taken estates (before 1989). We cannot provide any detailed information about the legal status of the assets in the first instance (until we make sure that we found the right person). If you already know that you are entitled to the inheritance, let us assist you on the procedure. We will carry out all the formalities regarding the ascertainment of acquisition of the estate as well as the reprivatization procedures.


The contract with our company includes a remuneration for LexPolonia (commission fee) which is set individually. We charge for a fixed part of your inheritance, which means you do not pay anything for the court procedures.


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