Legal Services

Legal services in the most difficult and exceptional cases!

LexPolonia offers legal services in the most difficult and exceptional cases. We employ young professionals: well qualified and ambitious lawyers. We analyse every case at many levels which enables us to handle the most thorough cases successfully.

Our task is to transform a client’s claim into proper legal argumentation. We specialize in civil and administrative cases.

Time is a major obstacle on the way to conduct a case successfully. The main challenges are: prescription, statutes of limitation or destruction of documents and the death of witnesses.
The atypical cases require however the unconventional solutions and bright ideas. We frequently conduct and win the cases rejected by other firms. On the contrary, whenever the case seems to be impossible to win, we are determined to find the effective solution.


Mediation may be an alternative solution

Much can be gain during the negotiations with the opposite side or during mediation. Lawyers are obligated to find a proper and reasonable argumentation also in non-court procedures.

A good lawyer can objectively assess the situation

A good lawyer should be able to explain to the client if the involvement in the case is pointless or unprofitable.

We do inform our clients about possible risks, threats and chances of the case to succeed.

A lawyer with the knowledge of the international law needed!

The international aspects of legal problems are increasingly important. This involves both private and commercial relations, claims for damages, assets, family interests located both in Poland and abroad.

Through the cooperation with foreign law firms, we provide assistance on cases which require knowledge of foreign language and law.



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