Polish citizenship = European Union Passport for foreigners of Polish origin

Certification of Polish citizenship

Nationalisations - property claims

Assistance on compensation (for the estates appropriated before 1989).

Manors, houses, estates.


Inheritance proceedings within the country and abroad
Inheritance of: real estates and claims for return

Legal advice

Complete professional legal services
Atypical and complex cases


claims for recovery or damages – for the properties lost before 1989


complete legal representation in  court proceedings within Poland or abroad


legal assistance in confirmation of Polish citizenship for persons of Polish origin

Legal services

broad legal services for the Poles living in the country and abroad

From Poland to Brazil?

Siołkowice - a village situated in the south-eastern Poland is a quiet place inhabited by ordinary people. At first glance it does not seem anything special, just an average Polish village as many others. However, when we try to dig deeper in the history we might...

Polish folklore up-to-date!

Polish folklore - regional heritage combining among the others: architecture, art, music and dances is becoming more and more popular among the younger generations of Poles. Not only do the Poles implement ethnic patterns into a casual fashion but also are becoming...

Jewish communities claim for return of the lost properties

There comes a time when Jewish communities claim for return of their lost properties which are scattered in many Polish cities. According to the magazine ”Forbes”, the value of the nationalized estates of the Jewish communities after the II Word War equals about 1 mld...


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