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Translation Agency “DIALOG” is a team of Odessa residents, responsible and good people – professionals, who have been working on the Ukrainian translation market for over 10 years. During this time, we have gained experience, knowledge and professionalism that ensures high quality and timely execution of orders. Our customers include representatives of business, state-owned enterprises, foreign companies, banks and ordinary citizens.

Realizing our responsibility to customers, we understand the importance of deadlines and we are ready to work for you 24/7, we try to do everything to keep our customers satisfied.

We focus on individual work with each customer. Customer loyalty is one of our greatest achievements. We are ready to be your trustworthy and reliable business partner!

Phone: +380991136462+380961136462 | +380731136462

EXPRESS office offers to provide you with incorporation and registration of a company in Ukraine

How a foreigner can legally register and run a business in Ukraine?

Just ask a Ukrainian lawyer in Lviv!

Ukrainian law allows businessmen to run their business in several ways:

  • sole proprietorship [Individual entrepreneur],
  • limited liability company,
  • private or public limited companies,
  • limited partnership, etc.

The most risk-free and easy-to-run type of Ukrainian company is a limited liability company, originally abbreviated in Ukraine as TOV.


We can provide you with the following services

  • the advice of an English-speaking lawyer,
  • the complete procedure of incorporation and registration of a company,
  • obtaining a tax identification number,
  • application and obtaining a residence permit,
  • translations/interpretation services,
  • accounting,
  • attorney-at-law services.

Tel: +380678673107 (available via Viber)


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