How to obtain polish citizenship?

According to current polish law there are several possibilities of acquisition of citizenship:

  • by granting
  • by restoration
  • by repatriation
  • by confirmation
  • by recognition

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Granting of citizenship

According to current law, citizenship can be granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. The foreigner don’t need to meet any specific conditions related to language skills or the time of stay. It means that President can grant Polish citizenship to any foreigner. His decision is not restricted by any circumstances.

There are two options of submitting application. Foreigner legally residing in Poland shall apply to President via the Voivode competent for the place residence. The person who lives abroad can submit the application via consul.

All attached documents must be in polish, that’s why all foreign documents must be translated by a sworn translator or by Polish consul. Application shall be submit in person or by e-mail.

The procedure for granting citizenship can take some time. There are no specifications about it in the Code of Administrative Procedure. The person who apply should properly justify the reason of getting polish citizenship. In case of refusal, applicant cannot challenge the decision.

Dual citizenship in Poland

As a person holding polish citizenship you may also hold the citizenship of another country at the same time. Having dual citizenship means that you have the same rights and duties towards the state as a person who is only polish citizen.

What is essential for those who are thinking about dual nationality. If you want to apply for granting, restoration or recognition of polish citizenship, you don’t need to renounce your current once. In case of dual citizenship there is one crucial point. Applicant should check whether the law of his origin country regulating a dual nationality issues. There are countries forbidding dual citizenship, which means that obtaining polish nationality may result in the loss of origin citizenship.

Loss of polish citizenship

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, the loss of polish citizenship may occur only as a result of renunciation. The state cannot deprive citizens of polish citizenship. A polish citizen may lose his citizenship at his own request, which can be submit in person or e-mail via Voivode or consul. What is more, he needs also the consent of the President.

Normally the loss occurs after 30 days from the date of Presidential decision, unless the President decide otherwise.

Acquiring Polish citizenship on the basis of marriage

Entering into marriage with polish citizen doesn’t mean that the foreigner automatically obtain polish citizenship.

There are two options for spouses of polish citizens. If the foreigner stays in Poland for at least 2 years based on a permanent residence permit or a long-term EU resident permit AND remains as a spouse of polish citizen at least 3 years, he can apply for recognition as a polish citizen. If the foreigner does not meet the conditions or lives abroad, he can try to obtain nationality from granting polish citizenship.

Restoration of polish citizenship

People who held polish citizenship in the past, but lost it before the date of 1 January 1999 can apply to the Minister of the Interior for restoration of polish citizenship. Foreigners who residing abroad (outside the territory of Poland) shall submit the proper application via consul.

The application must contain:

  • personal data
  • address of residence
  • statement confirming polish citizenship in the past
  • information about circumstances of loss
  • For the application it is required to attach:

documents providing identity and citizenship

  • documents confirming a change of name and surname (if applicable)
  • documents confirming the loss of polish citizenship
  • photograph

Applicant should note that foreign documents must be translated into polish. Translation must be done by a sworn translator or by a consul.
When the decision will becomes final, the applicant will receive polish citizenship on that day.


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