There are no identical countries, cultures and traditions in the world. It is the same with weddings, which look completely different in every country. What specific traditions can we find at a wedding in Poland? Even if you haven’t been at Polish traditional wedding yet, you may have heard that you have no chance to be bored on polish wedding party – and it is definitely true!

 1. Ceremony

You should read your invitation for wedding very carefully. Why? Because very often people are invited only to the ceremony in a church, not for the wedding party. It is important to distinguish the words – “ślub” and “wesele”. The first word means ceremony in the church and another one means wedding party. We warned you that wedding party is usually begins after church ceremony and lasts until morning.

2. Bread and salt


After the ceremony in a church, newlyweds go to the venue where the wedding party will be held. There they are welcomed by parents with bread, salt and two shots of vodka. Bride and groom have to drink vodka in one gulp and throw the glasses behind their back. If the glasses are broken, it means they will leave together long and happy.

3. The gate

The gate is mean a some kind of barricade which is made by friends and neighbors. How it’s look like and what is the purpose of this habit? So-called “brama” in Polish consist in buying up the bridge by the groom, the currency is usually bottles of alcohol with vodka. The wedding gate usually takes form of a ribbon or a string hung with decorations. This one of the wedding polish tradition is organized near to the bride’s house . As soon as the the couple successfully pass the gate – it is time for the ceremony in the church. The gate is one of the most specific habit of all polish wedding traditions.

4. Vodka


You have to remember that there is no wedding party without vodka. At Polish wedding party this kind of alcohol you can find on each table. During the party there are many toast for the newlyweds and everybody have to  take shots of vodka. Furthermore you should know polish words – “Na zdrowie!” what is mean “Cheers!”.

5. “Oczepiny”

Oczepiny” in Poland it is a name for one of the most important polish wedding traditions. At midnight the bride moved from single youth women to married a woman. It is happened where the bride sits in the middle and the rest of the guests (women) will go around her. The most important moment of this habit is a part when the bride throws her veil to a group of unmarried girls. On the same time the groom have to throws his tie to the group of unmarried boys. Tradition says that the person who catches vail and tie will be the next bride and groom. During “oczepiny” there can be a lot of other games which is depends on a region and the descent of the newlyweds.

6. Food

There will be a lot of food! Traditional first dish on wedding party is alway soup called “rosół”. It is a polish chicken soup and it is a good start because it’s  warm up your stomach before vodka shots which you will drink all night. After that you should be ready for second dish which is usually consist of different kind of meat with potatoes and salads. Of course it can be run out of third dish – dessert! It is very often a different kinds of cakes or ice creams. Don`t worry about getting hungry – there will be another warm dishes. The tables are full with differents polish food and soft drinks until morning.

7. Songs and live band

Very often at polish traditional wedding party there is a live band who sings and play typical Polish folk music. Generally this music is very catchy and lyrics are easy to remember so you can try to sing with other guests. We give you three examples of typical songs which are play and sing on wedding party: “Prawy do lewego”, “Kaczuszki” and “Windą do nieba”. Very important song on each wedding party – traditional or not is song – “Sto lat” which we can literally translated like “wish you one hundred years”. All guest sing “Sto lat” to wish newlyweds 100 years of health, love and good life together.
If you want learn the song – “Sto lat” below you find lyrics:

Sto lat, sto lat niech żyje, żyje nam,
Sto lat, sto lat niech żyje, żyje nam,
Jeszcze raz, jeszcze raz,
niech żyje, żyje nam,
niech żyje nam.

Polish wedding traditions can definitely surprise but don’t worry – you will have the best wedding party ever!

8. ”Poprawiny”


If you think that your polish wedding experience is complete you are wrong. Very often newlyweds continue their wedding party on the next day and this is one of the polish wedding tradition called – “poprawiny”. It not usually so big like the previous day but it still consist of more eating and drinking.

9. Polish traditional wedding but what with polish citizenship?

Polish wedding even if it is traditional don`t give you polish citizenship automatically and many people do not realize that. There are two options to acquire Polish citizenship – a first one it is possible to realize when the foreigner is permanently resident in Poland for at least two years on the basis of a permanent residence permit, another one it is possible when interested has long-term of European Union residence permit and who remains at least from three years in a marriage with a Polish citizen. So if you are foreigner and you want to get married with Pole and you like polish traditions,  you have to wait 3 years to get polish citizenship.

10.Citizenship of children

The Polish citizenship of both parents extends automatically to children remaining under their parental authority. When citizenship is granted to one parent, children get it only if the other is not entitled to parental responsibility or if he has made a declaration of consent to give the child Polish citizenship. A juvenile, who is 16 years old, must additionally agree to accept the parent’s citizenship.

How you can see polish wedding traditions are amazing! Traditional wedding party it is a big and colorful event. During this beautiful and very important day for bride and groom and of course for their families there is definitely no time to be boring. So get ready for this huge occasion and a memorable experience. But also remember that you are the guest so respect your hosts and enjoy this one of the best wedding party in your life!